Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Since there's no important turn of events to talk about recently other than the Kris Aquino-James Yap "Flopped Teleserye," I decided to post another Twisted Fairy Tale that I wrote for BLACK INK SHORT CUTS: Fairy Tails.  

THE WOLF IN THE WOODS features the pages of a veteran illustrator Eleazar Alipis, one of our original artists in Dark Pages several years ago. In this version, Red Riding Hood's real name was revealed (oh boy, that's something new)...and I'm sure it sounded familiar (if you've seen that movie). Haha! 

Anyway, here are some pages to awaken the curious cat sleeping under your bed. image enhancements and lettering done by me, by the way.  Still struggling but enjoying to explore new techniques. I need more coffee...

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Would you agree when I say facing that virgin white surface inside the monitor is one of the hardest parts in writing a script? I know a handful of writers who suffer from the same problem. It's like pumping a water well in the middle of a desert, or like being constipated as meteors fall from the sky.

I don't know what other writers do to overcome this terror. But me...when my creative juices won't squirt out of my head, I do the following activities so I can start caressing the computer and pollute that white of "paper" (staring at me) with words that could create different dimensions:

1.) I walk back and forth inside the house without any direction. I check the refrigerator and gobble some left overs. I stare outside the window and observe our neighbors busy discussing the latest update about Maia and Sir Chief. I drown myself with liters and liters of cold water. 

2.) I read my previous works (including the oldest ones) and reminisce how I felt having bad hair days when I wrote them, I recall how many of my neighbors' windows I broke, how many computer keyboards I shattered, and how many bottles of "Hinyebra" I tossed upside down.

3.) I listen to non-stop sentimental music until my tears fall like fire and made me cry like a pig being castrated...makes me feel the urge to bang my head on the wall 1000 times.

4.) I watch some parts of my favorite TV Series over and over again while imagining I am the lucky guy inside the screen. Hehe.

5.) I talk to myself, "Should I start writing now? Playing NBA has ignited my adrenaline." Then I answer myself, "No! One more game! Kobe did not score that much! He needs to improve his stats to win the MVP race!"

6.) I read my old Facebook posts and laugh like a clown every time I notice some grammatical errors and nonsense blah-blahs. 

7.) I surf the net to find any interesting subject that might ignite the passion inside me. Just need to be careful with those nasty pages that keep on popping from nowhere (you know what I mean, boys).

8.) I sing in the bathroom on top of my lungs ( never ending epic favorite song "Wherever You Will Go") to distract lizards and insects. distract myself and loosen some rusty psychological dramas.

9.) I go to bed and sleep. There are many times that I figured out how to start/end my story while being chased by Freddy Kreugger. Creepy!

10.) Finally, I go back in front of the computer and shut it down. Maybe I should write tomorrow. I need to stretch my legs and take a walk, shower myself with sunrise, observe the moon, meet some friends, find some enemies.

Writing is not just about tapping abc's and killing/torturing people we (writers) hate in our stories or creating our imaginary is about finding connections with real people around us and getting in touch with nature that binds us to the real world. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


When our publisher thought of publishing short stories aside from our regular series and novels for BLACK INK COMICS, we came up with the title SHORT CUTS. This imprint has 3 versions; the regular fantasy-horror genre, the twisted fairy tales, and the Manga. It is also consisted of 3 twenty pages short stories in English or Tagalog per book.

I'd just like to share some of the pages of the very first short story I made for Short Cuts. I thought of writing an environmental theme since my personal advocacy is to promote awareness on Global Warming and Climate Change (I worked on a project regarding this matter few years back). This also marked my reunion with artist ROLANDO ENRIQUEZ. Rol was my illustrator for WOLFGANG, my first mainstream novel serialized in ALIWAN KOMIKS during the (almost forgotten) "glorious days" of Philippine Comics.

CHLOROPHYLL will be featured in the next wave of Short Cuts to be released probably next month (April 2013). And by the way, I did the digital enhancements and the texts for this material. Just a product of my curiosity on how Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator work (hehehe). Again--I have proven--lahat ng gusto nating matutunan, maabot at marating ay puwedeng makuha sa tiyaga.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


After an overwhelming positive feedback from readers regarding BLACK INK COMICS, I was inspired to continue working with my 3rd graphic novel entitled THE RED JOURNAL. This project is long overdue because of some revisions that I wasn't able to find time to work with. However, after watching some episodes of CSI and CRIMINAL MINDS, my interest in the concept was reawakened and inspired me to "push the magic pen" and let the world of the heroin Naya Rivero go round...once again.

THE RED JOURNAL follows the story of a young lady with a troubled past who works as an NBI Profiler. She keeps a journal that she calls "Mister J" and it serves as her best friend. Naya shares all her secrets only with "Mister J". Secrets that will be revealed dramatically with a touch of adrenaline rush. A graphic novel about PASSION, ROMANCE, DANGER, MYSTERY and ADVENTURE.

Below are some teaser pages done by a talented veteran comics illustrator ARNEL CORONEL, feast your eyes and get excited. THE RED JOURNAL will be coming your way soon, only from BLACK INK COMICS!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


After almost 4 years, I finally decided to update this blog. A lot of things happened in the past. Got busy with some projects; may mga natuloy, may mga nabitin. I even joined the BPO industry for a couple of years. I had a chance to work as a call center agent for a Facebook game (FarmVille) and as an email and chat support for eBay. It was such a very rewarding experience. I gained more knowledge and self respect, met new friends, acquired deeper understanding with the environment I never thought I could cope up with.

Anyway, wanna know the reason why I'm saving this blog site from extinction? The answer is simple and precise. KOMIKS! Yes, that's right...for the love of COMICS. I thought I would never have a chance again to do what I love the most...writing comics scripts. My passion. My cup of tea. My Adamantium. My Kryptonite.

In the early days of 2012, we started to hold a series of meetings in Quezon City. We meet the "Mastermind" every Tuesdays or Wednesdays to brew some "coffee" and bake some "cookies". We started out as six (6) enthusiastic and excited individuals, full of hopes and dreams, crossing our fingers while praying for success. Finally, after almost a year of consistent meaningful blabbering, brain pickings, gobbling pansit and mamon and pizza and bottomless bottles of beer...the fruit of our passion has been served. 

This year 2013, BLACK INK COMICS came to life...ready to entice the appetite of the new generation of Filipino comics enthusiasts (both young and young at hearts).

The date was October 27, 2012. The venue: Bayanihan Center in Pasig City. The event: KOMIKON 2012. The exciting news: the launching of a handful of titles from Black Ink Comics such as HANDS OF THE DRAGON (Jeffrey Marcelino Ong/Gilbert Monsanto), ANIMEN (Ron Mendoza/Randy Valiente), MY MIDNIGHT (Ron Mendoza/Randy Valiente), PEPE (Ron Mendoza/Arnold Renia Cruz) and VERGIL (Arman Francisco/Elmer Cantada).

It was truly the start of something big, I can say. Since then, our group continuously received positive comments and feedback from those who already got some copies of our comics. It inspired us to keep on digging for more concepts and ideas that we can serve to all the comics lovers throughout the country. We're also thankful to our publisher (Segundo Matias Jr.) for his undying passion and enthusiasm for this project, for the trust and belief that he gave us (writers and artists) to make this project come into reality.

January 13, 2013 is also a significant date, 13 Black Ink Comics titles were officially launched and became available at all Precious Pages stores and National Bookstore branches nationwide. Aside from the above mentioned titles, THE REAPER (Nald Tabuzo/Vovoi Lim) has been included to the list of available graphic novels. Also, 4 SHORT CUTS imprints (3 in 1 anthology) has been added.

Just recently, more graphic novels were introduced at the 1st PINOYKON held at Paseo De Magallanes in Makati City. Coincidentally, I wrote those 2 new releases. HANDS OF THE DRAGON (Book 2) and KALASAG (Superhero ng Masang Pilipino) became available exclusively on that day. Those titles will be released officially this March 2013 together with other comic books like MANILA VICE (Rosahlee Bautista/Almar Denso), FAIRIES' WHEEL (Randy Valiente/Jon Ashley Santos), DAUGHTERS OF AN ANCIENT FAIRY (Rosahlee Bautista/ Arnold Renia Cruz), ANGELS VERSUS DEVILS (Arman Francisco/Tirso Llaneta) and HEART SISTERS (Nald Tabuzo/Ric Isiderio).

With these exciting turn of events for MAINSTREAM Filipino Comics, I can say without any doubt...good things are yet to come! We, the creators of Black Ink Comics are more than happy and privileged for being a part of this remarkable development in the history of Philippine Comics. Suportahan po natin ang gawang PINOY!

                                                     BLACK INK COMICS

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Medyo matagal akong nawala sa sirkulasyon. May konting pinagkaabalahan lang naman. And I can say na makabuluhan ang inatupag ko nitong mga panahong hindi ako nakakapag-update ng blog na 'to.
May isang project ako with our same group (Backdoor, publisher ng Darkpages) na naumpisahan, this is initiated by a comics legend na hindi ko na muna babanggitin sa ngayon kung sino. Naka-pending ito for some reasons.

Then, recently may nagbukas na bagong oportunidad sa'kin. I 've been attending several meetings with former Senator, now
Secretary Heherson Alvarez. Kalihim siya ngayon ng isang sangay ng gobyerno, ang Office of the Presidential Adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change (OPACC). The man is soft spoken, down to Earth and very intelligent. Hindi ako makapaniwala nu'ng una na madalas ko siyang ka-one on one meeting. Parang apo na ang turing niya sa akin kapag magkausap kami.

Anyway, Sec. Alvarez comissioned me as a writer/artist for series of comics projects tungkol sa Global Warming at Climate Change. Pinagagawa niya ako ng mga komiks na ipamimigay sa community, public awareness ito tungkol sa totoong kalagayan ng mundo sa kasalukuyan. Tuwing mag-uusap kami ay palagi akong may bagong natututunan at nakukuhang impormasyon. Ang lahat ng iyon ay nakatulong sa'kin para maisulat ko nang mas madali at maayos ang mga proyekto.

Makikita sa ibaba ang unang komiks na natapos namin. Bukod sa iskrip, ako rin ang nagkulay nito, bunga ng pag-eeksperimento ko sa paggamit ng
Photoshop (na bigla ko na lang natutunan). Idinibuho at niletrahan ito ni Vovoi Lim.

Sana magustuhan n'yo ito at kapulutan ng impormasyon.

Saturday, November 8, 2008



Maulan ang umagang iyon nang magawi ako sa isang tindahan sa looban ng kalye M. Cruz sa Mandaluyong. Hindi lang basta sari-sari store 'yung naturang tindahan kundi para na rin itong isang mini-talipapa, dinarayo ito ng mga mamimili dahil medyo malayo ang palengke sa aming lugar. Kumpleto rito, mula sa mga gulay at isda hanggang sa lahat ng klase ng karne. Isang produkto lang yata ang hindi mabibili rito. Niyog.

Siksikan ang mga mamimili nang oras na iyon, malapit na kasi ang pananghalian kaya't abala na ang mga nanay sa pagbili ng kanilang iluluto. Ako ma'y kinakailangan na ring mag-asikaso ng ihahain sa aming hapag.

Habang nakapila'y natawag ang aking pansin ng dalawang batang gusgusin na panay ang kalkal sa rumaragasang tubig sa kanal na nasa harap ng tindahan, napakarumi at napakaitim ng pusali subalit tila walang ano man sa dalawang paslit na hinahalukay at sinasalat ang kailaliman nito na parang may kung anong kayamang hinahanap ang mga ito. Napaisip ako. Ano kaya'ng meron du'n? Ginto? Brilyante? Chickenjoy?

"Nakailan ka na?" tanong ng isa sa kasama.

"Sampu," tugon nito.

"Ina mo! 'Wag kang maduga diyan ha?! Baka bawasan mo!"

Mag-aaway pa ang dalawa, eh ano nga kaya ang hinahanap nila roon na dahilan para magmistula silang nagmimina ng mikrobyo sa kanal na iyon.

Sa wakas, wala na ang mga kagitgitan kong mamimili, solo ko na ang tindahan, wala nang kokontra. Matapos kong makabili ng dalawang pirasong sayote at bente pesos na galunggong ay tumalikod na ako sa mini-talipapa. Hinagilap ng mga mata ko ang dalawang bata sa kanal subalit hindi ko na sila makita.

Habang naglalakad papauwi ay palaisipan pa rin sa'kin kung ano ang pinagkakaguluhan ng mga gusgusing paslit sa kanal sa harap ng tindahang iyon.

Naputol ang pag-iisip ko nang paglabas ko sa kalye M. Cruz ay nakita ko uli iyong dalawang bata sa tabi ng kalsada, nakasilong ang mga ito sa isang tindahan, mukhang nagpapatila ng ulan. Hindi na ako nakatiis kaya nilapitan ko ang mga ito at inusisa, tiniis ko ang makabaliktad sikmurang alingasaw na nagmumula sa mga ito.

"Anong hinahanap n'yo du'n sa kanal, boy?" tanong ko sa dalawa.

Hindi agad nakakibo ang mga bata, waring tinatantiya ako, bakit nga naman ako magkakainiteres na tanuningin sila tungkol sa ginagawa nila kanina? Tingin ko'y nakaramdam sila ng takot.

"Huwag kayong mag-alala, wala kayong ginagawang kasalanan, gusto ko lang malaman kung ano 'yung hinahanap n'yo roon sa pusali," sinundan ko ng ngiti ang sinabi kong iyon para maramdaman ng mga bata na wala akong tangkang masama sa kanila.

"Barya po. Naghahanap po kami du'n ng mga barya, 'yung nahuhulog sa mga bumibili, blangko ang mukha ng bata habang sinasabi iyon.

"Barya? May nakukuha naman kayo?"



"Ngayon po naka-trenta pesos kami."

"Trenta? Marami-rami rin ano? Saan n'yo naman ginagamit?"

"Ibinibili po ng bigas," nasulyapan ko ang mga mamisong barya sa kamay ng bata matapos nitong sambitin iyon. Marumi at nangingitim ang mga perang hawak ng dalawa.

Parang tinurok ang puso ko sa narinig kong iyon. Ganito na ba talaga kahirap ang buhay ngayon? Laking pasasalamat ko't hindi ko naman naranasan ang ganito noong bata ako. Laking pasasalamat ko't nakakakain ako hanggang ngayon nang maayos na hindi na kailangang maghalukay ng barya sa pusali. Laking pasasalamat ko't ang kakainin naming galunggong at sayote'y galing sa katas ng aking utak at hindi sa "katas" ng maruming kanal.

Habang sinasabi ng mga bata na isang beses sa isang linggo raw sila kung "mangalakal" ng barya sa kanal at palagi silang may nakukuha, isinumpa ko sa sarili ko na babawas-bawasan ko na ang pagiging mareklamo. Sa halip, ipagpapasalamat ko na lang na naging mas mapalad pa rin ako kesa sa ibang nilalang dahil ang ginigiling ng sikmura ko'y hindi "katas" ng pusali.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ilang buwan rin akong hindi nakapagsulat ng entry sa blog na 'to. Sa dami ng nangyari sa'kin, hindi ko alam kung ano ang una kong ikukuwento.

Anyway, nagbalik ako recently sa animation industry bilang isang artist, and I'm so thankful dahil  natuto ako sa larangang ito na palagi kong nagiging fall back sa oras nang kagipitan. Medyo nagbago na rin ako slightly ng lifestyle, bawas na ang pag-inom ng alak at makokolesterol na pagkain. Naaalarma ako dahil 32 pa lang ako'y may kung ano-ano na akong nararamdaman sa katawan. May ilan akong mga kaklase nu'ng hayskul na kung hindi pumanaw na'y naoperahan dahil sa sakit na dulot ng pag-aabuso sa katawan.

Sa ngayon, may "niluluto" akong proyekto kasama ang isang kaibigang casting director sa isang kilalang TV network, binubuhay ko rin muli ang interes ko sa paggawa ng pelikulang didyital (Indie Film).

Tungkol sa komiks; nagulat ako nang makabasa ako ng isang bagong comment sa kauna-unahang post ko sa blogsite na ito. Si Rey Leoncito, bumisita sa blog ko. Dati siyang editor ng GASI at una kong naging mentor noong nag-uumpisa pa lang ako sa komiks. Nakatutuwang isipin na naaalala pa niya ako pati na ang mga pinagsamahan namin noon bilang editor-contributor. Kung mababasa man niya ito, ipinaaabot ko ang pasasalamat sa kanya, malaki ang naging papel niya sa naging buhay ko sa komiks. Sir "Madman", bigay ka naman ng contact info mo para lubos tayong magka-kumustahan.

Samantala, nagpapasalamat rin ako sa mga bumubuo sa WEBKOMIKS sa pag-link nila rito sa blog ko. Okey naman 'yung site nila, maganda ang objective saka konting improvement na lang ang kailangan. Alam ko namang open sila for comments para sa mas ikagaganda ng site.

Ito na muna siguro ang maibabalita ko sa ngayon. I have more plans na kasalukuyan kong inaasikaso, may kinalaman sa komiks 'yung iba. Will keep you posted, guys! 

GOD bless!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ito ang isa sa mga dahilan maliban sa pagiging abala sa trabaho at pamilya kaya hindi na ako nakakapag-post sa blog na 'to. Try n'yo. Just click and get hooked!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008




Is this a new tagline of the Philippine government? My attention was caught that morning by a medium-sized billboard posted along the sideways of a certain LRT station in Manila, the words above were spelled in huge letters beside the smiling image of our country’s COMMANDER IN CHIEF. The same message is repeatedly advertised on national television and on various spreadsheets as well.

I sighed and took a deep breath. As the train goes along the tracks, I watched the busy streets of Manila. I observed a number of dirty beggars on the sidewalks, kids playing without underwear, a pregnant malnourished mother carrying her one-year-old baby, vendors yelling and skirmishing to win a costumer’s favor, a family who refuge in a pushcart, minors with weary eyes selling sampaguita, piles of rubbish scattered in some parts of the metropolis, abandoned buildings, squatters sitting like mushrooms.

"Lost Paradise"

INA: Pasensiya ka na sa "chedeng" natin, Totoy...mahal ang gasolina.
ANAK: Okey lang 'yun, mommy...sikat naman tayo. Nakatingin sila sa'tin, o!

INA: Pagtiyagaan mo munang ngatain 'yang papel, anak...wala pa tayong pambili ng bigas.
ANAK: Kelan po ba tayo mag-ja-jalibi?

"Bili na po kayo! Gugulpihin na naman ako ng tatay ko
'pag hindi ko 'to napaubos, wala siyang pambili ng gin!"

I figured out, the “dwarven monster” in the palace is sending the wrong message. If she's referring to our nation’s development, well, her nose might grow 12 inches longer like Pinocchio after her evil godmother cast a spell on her for telling lies. Kaninong pag-asenso ba ang tinutukoy niya? Sa Pilipinas o sa sarili niya at sa kanyang mga kampon?

"Whooo! Hinde! Hindi ko na sasabihing mas
masarap ang borjer ni Abalos kesa sa Mcdo!"

Rice is the prime commodity in this country. According to the government, the number of Filipinos grew nearly 88.57 million as of August 2007 from 76.50 million in May 2000. The population surge means more mouths to feed. Despite the increasing number of Filipinos, the government is still not planning to alter its population policy, which is limited to promotion of natural family planning and responsible parenthood. We are currently experiencing rice shortage, a fact that cannot be denied. Fuel price increase is the main culprit, it’s a domino effect. Pati ang pandesal, lumiit na nga’y dumoble pa ang presyo. Not to mention the inconsistency of MERALCO’s electricity charges. 

Back in the 80’s, your P100 can buy 10 kilos of rice or more; nowadays, you can take home merely 2 kilos if you have 100 bucks in your pocket. ‘Yung sukli, kulang pang pambili ng tuyo at kape. GRABE!

The government is planning to import 2.2 million metric tons of rice from our neighboring countries. Is this a solution? Or just another window for the administration on the way to a new scam? Baka naman magka-hokus pokus-an na naman sa presyohan. Kawawa naman ang mga mamamayang tulad natin na nagbabayad ng malaking buwis! BUWIS-ET!

Anti-Arroyo protests and rallies are not appealing, hindi ito pakikinggan ng maliit na ale sa MalacaƱang. Kahit magpagulong-gulong ang lahat ng Pilipino sa Mendiola at sa harap ng palasyo, hindi siya bababa sa puwesto. Ilang taon na lang ba ang natitira sa termino niya? Even if she face impeachment trial, the time is already running out. Ilang taon ba inaabot ang pagdinig dito? Baka tapos na ang term niya, hindi pa siya nahahatulan. Sino pa ang i-i-impeach kapag gano’n ang nangyari?

Then, what is the real solution to this poverty? 
Change of the government system? Empowerment of the religious sector? Or is it simply revolutionizing our lifestyle?

Our government is the easy target to blame for all of these deficiencies, there’s no question ‘bout that. Wala na sigurong matinong presidente na uupo sa puwesto dahil sila man, tulad ng karaniwang pinoy ay may mga pansariling pangangailangan din, may mga personal na hangarin at pangarap sa buhay. This “syndrome” lurks in every household up to the highest position in the government.

Lahat tayo nangangarap umunlad ang pamumuhay, it all differs on how we fulfill our ambitions and personal agendas.

Sana lahat tayo matutong lumaban nang parehas para marmadaman natin ang tunay na pag-asenso.

"May gamot ba kayo diyan sa almoranas? Aruuuyyy!"