Thursday, March 7, 2013


After an overwhelming positive feedback from readers regarding BLACK INK COMICS, I was inspired to continue working with my 3rd graphic novel entitled THE RED JOURNAL. This project is long overdue because of some revisions that I wasn't able to find time to work with. However, after watching some episodes of CSI and CRIMINAL MINDS, my interest in the concept was reawakened and inspired me to "push the magic pen" and let the world of the heroin Naya Rivero go round...once again.

THE RED JOURNAL follows the story of a young lady with a troubled past who works as an NBI Profiler. She keeps a journal that she calls "Mister J" and it serves as her best friend. Naya shares all her secrets only with "Mister J". Secrets that will be revealed dramatically with a touch of adrenaline rush. A graphic novel about PASSION, ROMANCE, DANGER, MYSTERY and ADVENTURE.

Below are some teaser pages done by a talented veteran comics illustrator ARNEL CORONEL, feast your eyes and get excited. THE RED JOURNAL will be coming your way soon, only from BLACK INK COMICS!

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